New Patients

Catchment Area

New patients, who reside within our catchment area, (please see map above), will need to:

You can collect a registration form from the practice or alternatively complete an online registration

Registration forms handed into the surgery will be completed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The online form is completed within 24 hours.

It is a practice policy to ask to see photo ID and proof of address during the registration process.  Your acceptance to the list will not be refused if you cannot provide this, however we cannot grant online access to records without seeing some form of photographic ID.

If you have previously been registered with the practice and then removed at the request of the practice your registration will be rejected.

Patients aged 18yrs+ must bring in their own registration form.

Failure to complete the registration form completely can lead to your registration being delayed.

All our patients are allocated a named GP. This doctor is responsible for the coordination of your care but you are of course able to see any GP in the practice.

Proxy Access

You may apply for proxy access to the medical record of a patient. We will only grant access in the following circumstances:

 You have the patient’s written consent

  •  You are a parent or guardian of a child under 11
  •  You have Lasting Power of Attorney over the patient for Health and Welfare
  •  You are a Court Appointed Deputy for the patient
  •  In line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005, if the doctor feels it is in the patient’s best interests for you to have access, e.g., you are the carer for a person with learning disability

Proxy Access to Child Records

Only immunisation history is viewable and access is automatically removed by our clinical system when a child reaches the age of 11, in order to preserve confidentiality of the child concerned. Once removed, we will only grant access to a child’s records in exceptional circumstances and with their consent.

Removing online access does not affect a parent’s ability to book appointments, request medication or seek advice for their under-16 children in the conventional manner.