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Message from Breast Services, Queen Alexandra Hospital Posted on 22 Jun 2021

Message from Breast Services, Queen Alexandra Hospital

Please be advised that we will be inviting eligible ladies from Gudge Heath Lane Surgery for routine Breast Screening from 19.01.21.

Screening is being provided in Breast Services, Queen Alexandra Hospital and on the mobile breast screening unit which is currently sited at Asda Car Park, Dock Road, Gosport  PO12 1SH.

Due to the pandemic we are running several months behind but are hoping to implement a full recovery plan from February 2021.

In the meantime, we encourage invited ladies to attend for this important free health check and remind ladies aged over 71 that they are able to self-refer by contacting our service.

Programme Manager - Breast Screening & Symptomatic Mammography Services


Why screen for Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in England and Wales, with 40,000 new cases diagnosed every year.

  • One in 8 women in the UK will develop Breast Cancer
  • It accounts for one fifth of all female cancer deaths
  • Screening is performed by means of a special X-ray called a “mammogram”. This test is the best way of detecting breast lumps even before the most experienced surgeon can feel them.
  • Early treatment of breast cancer greatly increases the chances of a full recovery.
  • By achieving an uptake of 80% and over, it is estimated that the breast screening programme is saving 1,400 lives per year.

How will I be invited?

An appointment will automatically be sent to you from the screening office as long as you are registered with an NHS doctor. An information leaflet will also be sent with this letter.

What if I can’t come when invited?

You can change your appointment by contacting the screening office on 023 9228 3613 or 3614

I’m 48 and haven’t received an invitation yet…why?

Your first invitation can arrive at any time between your 50th and 53rd birthday.  It depends on which doctor you are registered with. The screening office should be able to give you an estimate of when the service will be screening your doctor’s practice.

I’m 51 and haven’t received an Invitation…why?

Have you recently moved into the area? Have you recently changed address and not notified your doctor? (ring the Breast Screening Unit on 023 9228 3613 or 3614, and the staff will investigate further.)

My next-door neighbour has had an invitation, but I haven’t. Why not?

Women are invited practice by practice, rather than street by an invitation, but I haven’t. Why not? street. Your neighbour may not be registered with the same doctor as you.

I have previously been treated for breast cancer. Does the screening still apply to me?  

YES. Providing it has been over 6 months since your last mammogram. It is an extra and valuable check on your breasts. However, if you are still under breast cancer care and have annual mammograms, then cancel your screening appointment should you receive one.

Should I examine my own breasts?

YES. However, being breast aware is not an alternative to mammography, which can detect cancers before any lump can be felt. Being breast aware is complementary to mammography.

What is Mammography?

It is a very low dose x-ray technique specially developed for taking pictures of the breasts

Who is Eligible for Breast Screening?

Women aged 50-70 years who are registered with a GP within our screening area.

Where does screening take place?

  • Screening is carried out at the following locations:
  • The Mobile Screening Unit visits 11 sites across the screening area and each site is visited once every three years.
  • The Breast Services Department, D Level, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.
  • Second stage screening and any subsequent treatment is carried out at the Breast Services Department, D Level, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham

Over 70?

Ladies who are over the eligible age to receive an automatic invitation to screening may still continue to be screened if they wish. However, they need to contact the Screening Office directly to make their appointment. It is preferred to screen them when the rest of the practice is being screened, but if they miss this opportunity, they can be screened at a time more convenient to them.

Women with Special Needs

Women with any kind of special need whether it be learning, physical or language difficulties will be screened at the Breast Services Department, D Level, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham. A longer appointment time can be offered in a more spacious environment which ensures the radiographers have sufficient time to complete the examination and adjust their technique as required. Also, the screening images can be viewed and checked before the women leaves the department reducing the likelihood that the women will need to have them repeated before a suitable image can be obtained.

Symptomatic Women

Women of any age who present to their GP with breast problems should (if the GP considers it necessary) be referred to the symptomatic breast clinic. Screening mammography is for “well women”. Should a woman who has already been “assessed” by us present with a problem between screens then the GP should telephone the Unit for advice.


Women who do not attend their invitation are sent a reminder letter asking them to contact the unit and make another appointment. It is appreciated if the GP Practice encourages their women to attend for screening.

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